Penelope Freeh


Posted by on Mar 30 2016, in Uncategorized

It’s a rainy midnight and I am still up. I’ve had way too long of a day, but on the other hand it was all good and fun stuff, all work-related, and it’s true that I love what I do.


Donna and I premiere Helioscope on Friday, and it is both coming together and revealing what it needs. For the most part we are exactly where we should be with it, still in the question-asking phase. I love this phase, and I refuse to get negative about it, or frustrated at lack of enough time, or rather lack of enough time w/ the extras. They are great and are rising to the occasion. I am blessed to have such dedicated current and former students. Tonight Donna rehearsed them solo, and I am so happy they had a chance to experience her, expert that she is, in rehearsal, cleaning them. That is how I met her, and my heart swells in recollection. Now we are colleagues, collaborators, dear friends.


Helioscope is growing very close to my heart. It’s been happening since our rehearsal with David yesterday. His singing a cappella gave us goose-bumps; it was so sweet and plaintive. How amazing that we thought up the idea of him at our kitchen table in Cassis, France in November and now, late March, the idea is made manifest. Such a satisfying, gratifying feeling.


The rain is heavy, and I love that I can hear it so well. Soon it will lull me to sleep, but not before turning inward like this, taking note of this little thing: the making of a new work, this giving birth yet again, and this feeling, yet again, that I will keep doing it.