Penelope Freeh

Made from Scratch

Posted by on Mar 13 2016, in Uncategorized

My newest work Moontides premiered this weekend, and I am SO happy with it! Today in particular it hung together in a way that had my heart beating out of my chest. It was the Sunday matinee, and relaxed and tired dancers did what they do: threaded the needle of technique and artistry.


I decided not to title the sections after all. The title of the piece itself said all I needed it to say. Too much information can be a burden. Better sometimes the quick statement, like a great necklace.


But really, the eight dancers of Alternative Motion Project (AMP) danced with abandon, fluidity and largesse (yes! large generosity). I think they delighted in the piece, which delights me. It’s good that I am still dancing, that I read what they are going through. Again I have the feeling, I am them.


It’s quite something to put a piece out into the world. It’s made from scratch and until I get a video, I don’t get to see or experience it again. It’s a little painful and a lot amazing. There’s a special kind of nervous that happens sitting in the audience and watching a piece go down. There’s not a thing I can do about it. I cannot rescue it if it falters nor scream aloud, proud. But I can sway and swoon and clap my hands red. I “Wooed!” once. Yes, Moontides wooed me.


I will miss it and I am on to the next outpouring. Four Saints in Three Acts has been a long time coming (table work since October), and next weekend it goes up. I am excited to dance in it a little and to have my hand in it a fair amount choreographically. It is certainly not my baby, but I do love it and expect to fall for it even more this week as we inhabit the theater.


I want to approach my busy week as openheartedly as what I saw onstage today. Open. Fall. Falter. Open. Fall. Repeat