Penelope Freeh


Posted by on Feb 14 2016, in Uncategorized

In my last entry I wrote about Cobalt and that it is glass. Not! And I knew that. Duh. However, I’m letting it stand and writing this instead because I think my mistake is interesting.


The reason I’m attracted to Cobalt is because it reminds me of my mom. She used to be a glass blower and sometimes, she would get cobalt glass instead of clear. It fascinated me that glass came in only two colors. Otherwise canes of colored glass or powered color were applied to the molten piece being worked on.


My mistake speaks to where my brain goes when working on a work. I research something to a point then let it go. What lingers, what captivates my imagination, gets priority and sometimes, facts get lost. I’m ok with this. As a dancemaker my imperative is to communicate poetry of the body, not to deliver factoids or accurate histories. I get to rearrange, poeticize, and embolden the little-known.


My Cobalt, though unmade, now contains this mistake made in haste yesterday when I was all into the metaphors re: earth, metal and glass, meaning that I will let properties of glass enter into the movement language.


In actuality (don’t quote me on this), Cobalt is a transition metal. It magnetically adheres to other metals to form alloys, and when it contacts glass it transforms from silver to blue. I love that, that in the connecting it achieves its signature color.


For my piece I think about cobalt glass spheres and cobalt smoke, perhaps a bottle. I don’t want to get all prop-heavy, but these things are compelling. In the context of a duet in particular they would read as other characters.


It is too soon to know what any of this means, but I love that I’m thinking about it and casting some inspiration into my future. This duet awaits, and it feels important.