Penelope Freeh

Host Committee

Posted by on Jun 19 2014, in Uncategorized

Dance USA has come to town. It’s been an honor to be on the host committee, planning for more than year. It’s relieving and satisfying to see things now underway.


Last night’s Opening Celebration was festive and fun: Mad King Thomas wore blue, Arwen Wilder sported napkins for sleeves, and Liz Lerman passed on wisdom for the ages: Purpose, Comradeship, Risk. “It’s important to embark on something and not know the outcome.” Oh, thank goodness. Test Pilot is scaring me and, if I understood Liz correctly, that’s good.


I am having a gentle entry into the conference. The shyness in my nature comes out at times like these, and this is no exception. Tonight I perform, which feels more familiar certainly but is so loaded. All I can do is the work, put it forward unflinchingly.


This morning a great surprise came in the form of Michael Mao, my former director when I lived in NYC. I danced for him for two years and met lifelong friends via Michael Mao Dance. He is the same as ever: talkative, anecdotal, funny, charming, AND we went deep. There is so much wisdom there, and lunching with him was like getting a piece of my heart back. It had been twenty years.


So if pieces of my heart are connected to certain individuals, why then do I put off communication with them? Perhaps this medium will help, this blog, this log.